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The word “Bespoke” is a British adjective originating in the 16th century. It is derived from the word “Bisprecan” and then “Bespeak” in the mid 18th century. It has several meanings. Significantly for us it means: to speak up, speak out, bear witness to, be spoken for (married), and to custom make. (definitions sources: Google, & Dictionary.com)

We are an active voice for the Word of God.

Bespoke is a ministry that specialises in encouraging you with the Word of God through jewelled art and design, specifically on the Gospel according to Matthew and all scripture that connects into this particular book in the bible.  We look forward to building you up in faith in Jesus Christ. For us the focus is all about seeing the right worship of God restored in our lives. We want to display the Glory of God in all we say, create, and put out into the world around us.

Bespoke exists to serve you by bringing you the Word of God in a refreshing, creative way. Our teaching and resources are free for you to enjoy and find great benefit from.

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“Judah” This mixed media art piece being created as part of a much larger collection to illustrate the Lineage of Jesus Christ (ref: Matthew 1:2-3). Go to the other pages on this site to see more like this and for art tutorials…