This is a visual page featuring a gallery of Bespoke’s artworks which interpret the Gospel according to Matthew. This project is a long term vision and we envisage that it could take years to build the entire collection of work that would do justice to the depth and detail to be found in the book of Matthew.

We started at the very beginning of the book with the Genealogy of Christ. First mentioned in the lineage of Jesus is Abraham. Our signature style are mixed media paintings on canvas. This one has been created with acrylic paint, synthetic resin adhesive, gravel, Indian ribbon, & craft gems. The presence of gold, gems, and floral ribbon are to signify the sovereignty of God over human history. This collection is made in the spirit of worship and the d├ęcor is also meant to show the splendour of the King, and the desire for the Kingdom of Heaven to be reflected here on earth.


This painting is quite large in real life. The following snaps will give you a better idea of the details in the painting. This scene depicts the marriage ceremony taking place between Mary & Joseph (Matthew 1:18). The arms of the couple are placed down in front of them to show their innocence in the situation. How Jesus came to earth was by God’s doing and not by any sinful act on the couple’s part. The entire situation was conceived in purity.


Detail snap no.1 The Indian ribbon, gems all set into gold paint show the presence of God presiding over Mary as she carried Jesus in her womb.


Snap no.2 shows Mary’s highly decorated wedding gown. The jewelled detail is to signify God working in and through Mary to accomplish His purposes.


Snap no.3 shows the bottom detail of the wedding gown, and also the detail and texture of the ground. The ground is jewelled and also has some gold paint brushed into the green colour too, and this symbolises the God being secure- the solid rock on which we stand! But also, that the couple are standing on Holy ground. The act of Matrimony is intended by God to be Holy. It is God who makes the joining of a man and wife Holy. When God is involved in the creation of a covenant, it is Holy. The tactile texture of the ground is made out of a mixture if synthetic resin adhesive and the gravel you would use to fill the bottom of an aquarium. The wet mixture was applied and spread on the canvas. When dry it was then painted.